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I’m Mic.  I write & produce inspired music for theatrical advertisements (trailers), film, TV and video games.

All material is 100% original / 100% owned, pre-cleared and ready for use – meaning quick and simple licencing without any glitches.

I write bespoke music to inspire and engage your audience.  From gentle, intimate piano, right through to heroic, bombastic epic hybrid trailer music (and everything in between).

In addition to custom music, I also have a unique selection of pre-cleared music should you require something for immediate use – these cover everything from tension underscores and dramatic soundbeds, characterful solo piano work, right through to electronica and high intensity trailer music.

My music is used all over the world by many networks on hundreds of TV shows, a few recent placements you’ll see below.


For film & game trailers. Very dynamic, lots of energy, plenty of edit points.


Cues where piano takes centre stage – including solo pieces.


Orchestral pieces varying in style and dynamics


A fusion of orchestral & electronic – texture rich and full or character

Please feel free to get in touch – looking forward to hearing from you,

Film, TV and Games Music Composer

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