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April 2010

Hello World..?!

WOW, well it's been a heck of a long time since I last jotted anything down here. Been getting a lot of feedback recently, mainly since the inclusion of my track "Panoptic - Surface" being featured on Global Underground a while back! Getting something featured on the GU comp was always a dream of mine, but it seemed I used to just miss out each time the next CD came out. However, I've spoken with Nick and couple of times, and I KNEW he was a huge fan of some of my stuff... still, I never thought he'd include "Surface" which was kicking on for 5 years old!

Global Underground - GU035: Nick Warren - Lima

Buy the CD here: GU035: Nick Warren - Lima (2CD)
Download the CD here (plus loads of bonus tracks): GU035: Nick Warren - Lima (MP3s)


Recently I've been working with Stiven from MistiqueMusic to get a release together for "Michael Burns - We Will Fade", which I'm really excited about! Stiven and Michael (Levan) have been working hard to get some great remixers on the job, and we've some pretty big names onto it already! At the moment we have "Ilya Malyuev", "Styller" & "Fretwell" among others :) Favourite remix at the moment is the XSector remix.. so good :D


We're looking at June 5th 2010 - Can't wait!

That's about it for now.. will be updating the site more often, and will get the blog back on the go too!

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