Original music for video production

I believe having an original score behind visuals really allows you to engage with your audience in a way no other media can. Something magical happens when visuals are lifted and brought to life by music.. the whole experience is enhanced and your emotions are suddenly in tune – it becomes a much fuller, more rewarding experience for the audience.

I love to write music to do just that (create original background music for video production) whether you’re looking for original music for picture (which in my opinion delivers the most impact every time), or looking to licence only a few pieces to lift specific scenes, then let’s talk.


Commission something original

I’ve recorded hundreds of cues and themes, with many being signed exclusively to large production music companies like Universal, and used by many of the major TV networks.

These are ideal for smaller projects, or productions where you’re limited by budget or time. But if you’re looking to deliver something more substantial (multi-part documentary or episodic drama), this approach falls short for various reasons.

To deliver a musically coherent score using library music alone is difficult in my opinion, as it will always lack a theme or hook to which the audience can engage (not to mention the overall consistency and character). However, I find that licensing a small number of original pieces can really help bring together the project and deliver a much more impactful experience.

Stock / library production music

As music contributes to heavily to the overall experience, you should never sacrifice settling for something which doesn’t fulfil the potential. In my experience, even if you have no choice but to use only production music from the many available libraries, you should still strive to find the highest quality music possible. I’m happy to provide links to my own libraries, which, in themselves have a coherent feel and will deliver a much more consistent, high quality end result. Just let me know what you’re looking for as I’m happy to get involved at any stage of the project.

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