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My name is Michael Burns and I’m a songwriter, composer and producer.

My first experience scoring music was at the age of 16 for a school play – I’d sit behind this huge grand piano in an empty hall night after night, putting melodies and chords together, trying to create something that resonated with me, and helped to tell the story.  Each time I’d stumble on a chord change or melody that made the hair on my neck stand on end, I’d make a note and add it to the work I was creating.

I remember a few people coming up to me after the show and asking me “where  did you learn to play?“, “what were you playing?“, and “Where can I listen to it again?“.  I remember having the feeling that people wanted to hear it just as much as I wanted to create it.

15 years on, I’ve still not learnt to read or write music, and generally play whatever I can get my hands on by ear.  I’ve dabbled in as many musical genres as you can imagine, having more success in some than others.  For a number of years I was referred to as a “pioneer” in the progressive dance music industry, releasing track after track, appearing on radio stations and compilations across the world (BBC Radio 1, Glastonbury, the Opening ceremony at the Olympics to name but a few).  I was in high demand, with emails and calls coming in daily from labels and other artists, looking to collaborate.  I realised my love for electronic music, but just as quickly realised how limited & pigeon holed it was… I was searching for something bigger, somewhere I could have more impact.

I decided I’d record my own album, something more wholesome with a theme but spanning across various genres.  I [in a very loose sense of the word!] learned to play guitar, piano and sing – although the work is “still in progress”, the few that have heard the music have all told me to finish it, and quickly.  This lead me to working on various other projects with friends and other artists.  I’ve since been flown around Europe to record vocals for Sony, have created backing tracks for other artists worldwide, recorded vocals for a clothing brand in Los Angeles, and now it seems, I’m ready to tick off another item on my “to do” list – score music for Film and TV.

I’ve created this site to showcase some of the work, generate some interest, and forge some connections in the scene to make this happen. If you’re reading this and are in a place to help, or now somebody else who could, then please get in touch! Whether it’s a small personal project, licensing opportunity for a TV sync, backing track for an advertisement campaign, or anything in between – let’s talk!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the music! Mic

Composer, musician, producer & coffee addict!

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