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Michael Burns - November

“I love the blend of textures and tones, and the dynamics of the track throughout – the throbbing percussion and soaring strings in the last section work really well and create an emotionally charged soundtrack!”

About This Work

I remember watching an episode of Homeland which never gave up in intensity from start to finish.  I felt like the soundtrack let it down a little, so decided to score something which I felt matched that level of intensity – the dark undertones of mistrust and deceit, coupled with the need for freedom and escapism.

After a quick search for action movie trailers (and a not-so-quick ‘trying to remove the existing music’!), I found some footage which had moments of intensity, loss, hope.. I felt the music underpinned those emotions perfectly and really lifted with scenes.

Other Information


Eelctronic Synths & Drums
Cello Harmonics
Violin Harmonics
Double Bass



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