Mic Burns

Composer for film, tv & games

Mic Burns is a composer, record producer and remixer. He was commissioned to write the original music for the BAFTA winning factual TV series “Race Across The World”.  His music can be heard frequently across many popular TV shows like Top Gear, I’m A Celebrity, The Apprentice to name a few.

Mic also writes those “big hollywood” trailer tracks for theatrical campaigns, and has seen his music used for international placements in trailers, TV promos and shows on all of the major international broadcasters and TV stations.

He has had a well-respected career in the dance industry, most notably working for electronic music artists such as Arman Van Buuren, Tiesto and Sander Kleinenberg with his work as a commercial dance producer having been featured in the opening of the Olympics and on heavy rotation on Radio 1.


Award Nomination!

I’ve been lucky enough to be nominated for an award at this years Production Music awards.  Certainly didn’t expect a nomination, but suddenly the idea of being an ‘award winning composer’ has peaked my interest! haha.

My track “Delicate Unravelling” which is released on London Sync, has been entered into the Best Contemporary Classical 2021 category.. and I’ll be at the awards later this week with my fingers crossed!

Wish me luck 🙂

“The Young Leaders” – One Young World Stories


I had the immense pleasure of writing the original score for this incredible documentary film.  Working with a talented team to help tell the incredible stories of six young leaders from diverse backgrounds who are creating a better future through One Young World, the organisation that has given them the global platform to accelerate their social impact.

One Young World is a global platform for young people who want to change the world.  Through mentorship, funding, and supported by some of the largest companies and most recognised celebrities in the world, this charity are helping to make positive change in the world – very inspiring stuff!

The film has it’s premiere Thursday, November 11th at 7 pm ET

more info here:

“Autumnwatch” & “Winterwatch” – BBC

I really enjoyed hearing my music being used in both Autumnwatch and Winterwatch.  The editors used ‘Inspiring Resolution’ yet again, but most notably in this stunning sequence.

Big fan of the show and looking forward to Springwatch (the sunshine couldn’t come too soon!).


“3022” – Saban Films

You can hear my music featured throughout the trailer of ‘3022’ – a sci-fi film based on a desperate story of human survival in space.

The track is called “Immense Vacuum” – a dark, ominous, heavy sound design piece written for dramatic impact!

“Top Gear – Season 27” – BBC

Another one ticked off the bucket list. Even though, admittedly, I’m not a big car fan, I’ve always loved the cinematic music featured in the show, and so it’s great to get some placements on the show this season.

I’ve worked with the music supervisors on the project and created a selection of around 30 cues for use throughout the entire season.

This clip is one of my favourites so far, with two of my cues starting at 1:06 – Works really well, hats off to the editors!

“Race Across The World” – BBC

I was recently commissioned to write the original music for this exciting 6 part TV series.  Given the scope of the project, we wanted to give the show a feeling of momentum, pace, and an underlying feeling of intensity to constantly drive the show forwards – after all, it is a race!

In addition to the high-energy music, I also wrote some themed cues for the emotional, reflective scenes, which worked really well (thanks to the editors doing a great job!).

The show has proven to be a hit, with a second season already in the making – already looking forward to it!

Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes Releases!

Excited to have a handful of cues featured on the latest releases from Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes. Many more to come which aren’t yet released, so keep your eyes peeled!

I’ll be adding some previews here, but for now here’s my cue ‘Infinite Day Dream’ featured on both ‘Miraculum’ and ‘Starlight’ – enjoy!



Positive orchestral underscore, meditative and calming.


For overcoming challenges, building anticipation & achieving greatness.


For overcoming challenges, building anticipation & achieving greatness.


Dark, atmospheric compositions with orchestral and electronic elements.


Warm, optimistic, light & charming orchestral based cues.

Quote about composition for TV & Film:

I’ve always been fascinated by the impact music & sound can have on people’s emotions – especially when combined with visuals. When you contribute in creating something which is neither picture nor music, but instead something magical in-between, that’s when storytelling is at it’s best! When writing for production libraries, you never know where the music will be used or heard, which is really exciting. For me however, the most exciting aspect of writing to picture is being part of something much bigger than just the music, creating worlds of sound and suites/themes of music that relate to a bigger picture and story, that’s what really excites me!

Mic Burns

Composer for film, games & tv

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Media Composer for Film, TV and Games.